Cuisinart DLC-2ABC Mini Prep Plus Food Processor Brushed Chrome and Nickel

250 watt food processor with 3 cup plastic work bowl


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Included components of the Cuisinart Mini Prep Plus Processor Pulse controlled buttons Why Is This The Perfect Mini Processor For You? The Cuisinart Mini Prep Plus Processor handles a variety of food preparation tasks including chopping grinding puréeing emulsifying and blending. The patented auto reversing SmartPower blade provides a super sharp edge for the delicate chopping of herbs and for blending and puréeing other soft foods. The blunt edge offers a powerful cutting surface to grind through spices and other hard foods. Pulse activation gives maximum control for precision processing whether chopping or grinding. Spatula product manual and recipe booklet included. Using Your Cuisinart Mini Prep Plus Processor The powerful high speed 250 Watt motor works hard and fast to accomplish any small job with ease. Chop herbs onions garlic; grind spices hard cheese purée baby foods; blend mayonnaise and flavored butters all with the same compact appliance. The Mini Prep Plus Processor takes up minimum counter space and stores neatly on the countertop or in a cabinet. Best Practices When Using Your Cuisinart Mini Prep Plus Processor Size Always cut large pieces of food into smaller pieces of even size about 1/2 Inch. If you don’t start with pieces that are small and uniform you will not get an even chop. Quantity You don’t want to overload the 3 Cup work bowl. Use the quantities given in the included recipe section of the product manual. As a rule of thumb remember that after being processed food should not reach more than 2/3 of the way up the central hub of the blade assembly. Selecting the Right Operating Control Use the Chop function for chopping puréeing and mixing. It’s the best option for example when chopping soft fragile food such as herbs celery onions garlic and most cheeses. It is also the right choice for puréeing cooked vegetables making mayonnaise and mixing salad dressing. Pulse action is best when you are using the chop function. Two or three pulses are often enough. Use the Grind function for grinding spices and for chopping hard food such as peppercorns seeds chocolate and nuts. Continuous hold action is best when you are using the grind function. Adding Liquid You can add liquids such as water oil or flavoring while the machine is running. For example you might want to add oil when making mayonnaise or salad dressing or you could add vanilla or alcohol when making frozen yogurt. Pour the liquid through one of the two openings in the cover. Removing Food From the Sides of the Bowl Occasionally food will stick to the sides of the bowl as you process. Stop the machine to clear food away. After the blade has stopped moving remove the cover and use the spatula to scrape the food from the sides of the bowl back into the center. Cleaning and Storage Read to clean up? No problem To simplify cleaning rinse the work bowl cover and blade immediately after each use so that food won’t dry on them. Wash blade assembly work bowl cover and spatula in warm soapy water. If you have a dishwasher you can wash the work bowl cover blade assembly and spatula on the top rack. The Mini Prep Plus Processor stores neatly on the countertop in a minimum of space. The hidden cord storage underneath the motor base will help to keep excess cord off the countertop. Store the unit assembled to prevent loss of parts. Easily dice tomatoes in seconds Just a Few of the Many Foods You Can Prepare Food Item Operation/Technique Comments/Notes Seeds and Dried Berries Grind. Pulse to break up then process continuously to desired consistency. Coriander cumin dill fennel sesame poppy and juniper berries Herbs fresh Chop. Pulse to chop to desired consistency. Rinse and dry completely. Remove leaves from stems to chop. Onions Chop. Pulse 5 10 times to chop to desired size. Peel; Cut into 3⁄4 inch or smaller pieces of similar size. Mushrooms Chop. Pulse to chop to desired consistency. Choose firm fresh mushrooms. Cut into quarters or even size pieces no larger than 3⁄4 inch. Nuts Chop. Pulse to chop to desired consistency. Toast nuts first for maximum flavor. Allow to cool completely before chopping. Vegetables cooked Chop. Pulse 5 10 times to chop then process continuously until desired consistency is reached. Cook vegetables until tender. Process to a smooth purée for baby food or sauces; may need to add liquid for consistency. . 250 watt food processor with 3 cup plastic work bowl
Chops and grinds with patented reversible stainless steel blade
Simple push button control panel durable yet lightweight plastic body
Dishwasher safe bowl and lid for quick cleanup spatula included
Product Built to North American Electrical Standards
24 ounce work bowl with handle
Not recommend to grind beans with this as it chops
Stainless steel blade with sharp and blunt edges
Limited 18 month warranty

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Manufacturer: Cuisinart;
Model: DLC 2ABC;
Part Number: DLC 2ABC;
UPC: 882507261227;
Color: Brushed Chrome and Nickel;
Brand: Cuisinart;
Department: Small Appliances;
Size: 3 Cup;
Warranty: 18 months;
Label: Cuisinart;
Amazon Sale Rank: 534;

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